Make this exciting period of your life joyful, meaningful, and deeply fulfilling. Find out how you can be part of a vibrant local fellowship group. Attend camps, conferences, and inter-college events. Explore how you can take a short course at the Institute of Medical Missions and visit a remote mission hospital for an exposure in missions!

Bible Study Groups

His Words are Life and Spirit. Let us come together to build our lives on The Rock. Do join the Bible Study Group in your college. If your college does not have a Bible Study Group yet, EMFI will come alongside to help you start one. In the meantime, we will help you join a nearby fellowship.

For more details, contact or call us at 044-28361507.

Camps & Conferences

Fellowship. Fun. Learning from the Word of God. Being challenged.

That’s what happens at the EMFI camps and conferences held at different places at both regional and state levels for 2 to 3 days. Medical and dental students get to interact with each other as well as with senior doctors in an informal manner so they can learn from their experiences. It is also a time where students get to showcase their various talents and organizational skills.

Leadership camps are also periodically held to enable students to be groomed as leaders on sound biblical principles.

The National Conference is held once in 2 years. It is a time of fellowship for students, doctors and their families to interact, learn, and grow in maturity. Current trends, new realities, and challenges of healthcare are dealt with on a national level.

Check out our Event Calendar for the upcoming Camps & Conferences.

For more details, contact or call us at 044-28361507.

IMM – Institute of Medical Missions

When, where, and how?

This course is conducted 3 times a year in different medical mission contexts, depending on the availability of participants in that region.

Check out our Event Calendar for the upcoming IMM.

Contact the IMM Coordinator at or call us: 044-28361507/ +91-9840147909.

The Foundation Course in Medical Missions is a 7-day residential course offered to Christian students and graduates of the healthcare profession. The 8-core module course provides a deeper understanding of God’s mission in the world and His purposes for one’s life. It also gives broad insights into the health and development needs in India, as well as the various expressions of medical mission.

The residential course is held with participants staying in a missional context. Ideal for a small group of 12-15 students, the emphasis is on transformational learning achieved through problem-based trainingexperiential sharing, alongside practical and interactive exercises in groups. Participants also get to spend personal time with faculty aimed at mentorship.

An integral part of the learning experience is the field visit, with an overnight stay in a village.

In line with the concept of continual learning and reflective engagement, a key component is journaling, where each participant is expected to maintain a course journal/log book. At the end of the course, they will be expected to come up with a Personal Growth and Development Plan (PGDP), along with their course mentors.

Inter-College Events


Holiness, Trinity, Relationships, Social Media – want to know more about such topics?

DOWNLOAD is a one-day teaching program for medical and dental students to establish sound biblical and foundational truths. These are held once in 3 months on a weekend.

For more details contact or call us: 044-28361507/ +919884001951.

Mission Exposure

Mission hospitals are symbols, guiding society in how to care for the sick in the ways of Jesus Christ. Take the time to visit them during your holidays. EMFI will help by providing guidance in finding good places to visit.

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