The transition into internship and then on to preparing for the PG exams can be a time that is both exciting and filled with uncertainty. PG courses can be very demanding and you may long for times of fellowship. There are many decisions to be made regarding career, marriage, and place of work. You may be a graduate from a Foreign Medical College (FMG), trying to qualify here in India or find a place to work. In all these situations, EMFI would like to come alongside and be in touch with you. Here are some ways we can do so.


You have been awake for 48 hours. You are on call. You have just handled an emergency and are on your way to the next. You pass by an open corridor and you glance at the evening sky. Ah, what you would give for freedom! Is there someone who could walk with you and chat with you even for a short while… Is there a house that is open for you, where you can get a few words of encouragement? Is there someone whom you can call and share your struggles with so that you can keep going strong and face the grind?

We can connect you to someone who will walk alongside you and give you the support you need.

For more details, email us at or call us: 044281361507.


Students from India who have completed their medical training abroad face enormous challenges in different areas when they return to India. If this is you, do get in touch with us to join a supportive fellowship and also to meet with senior doctors who can encourage and guide you.

For more details contact or call us: 044-28361507.


You’re an intern now! The years of studying and exams are over! You are experiencing a new freedom and have begun to get a stipend! But then there are other pressures. Work, calls, pressure to study for the PG entrance exams, openings in clinics and hospitals to work part-time… And in some cases, there is the pressure from friends and family to get married! Amidst this, there are choices to make: what PG course to choose, and where should one work after internship?

This is often when we find ourselves cut off from the lively fellowship we enjoyed all those years as students. We have less time to be with our mentors, and many begin to drift. The prevalent influences around us begin to make inroads. Doubts and desires creep in. Many lose touch with the fellowship and mentors after internship. Many years later, you may reconnect with fellowship members, by which time, you may even be married and have children!

EMFI calls you to stay in active touch with your fellowship, with mentors, and with the EMFI office.

Please watch for upcoming events tailor-made for interns. And when in need, do not hesitate to contact us.

For more details contact or call us: 044-28361507.

Preparing for NEET in the Missions

You have a deep desire to work in missions. However, you are also worried about studying for your PG entrance exams. Many questions arise! Will I get the time to study? Will I be able to find fellowship in a remote mission hospital? Can I actually help the poor?

EMFI endeavours to make the time in missions beneficial both to the mission and to the young doctor/dentist who has joined them, while encouraging open homes and time for fellowship in missions. We have also been looking at ways by which we can encourage the young graduates to study.

One such effort was the J.E.E.V.A.N – NEET program, a joint effort with Madhepura Christian Hospital Bihar. Students of the program had fixed hours of work and spent the rest of the time in preparation for NEET.

We work with missions in order to do this in more innovative ways. If you are interested to serve for one or two years in missions and still prepare for NEET, please contact us. Also, watch out for posts on this program.

For more details contact or call us: 044-28361507.

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