As a doctor, you have progressed in your career and are very busy. You long for the joyful fellowship of student days but simply can’t find the time and place. Finding time for the family is difficult and you are drifting apart. There are ethical dilemmas at work, as well as the challenges of being a good leader. You long to care for the whole patient but you are carried away by the pressure, and often end up doing less than you can. Tough choices are to be made. Can we listen to you and walk with you? Kindly find ways by which we can do so below.

Christian Bio Ethics

Christian Bio Ethics Seminars

Everybody is doing it. It pays. Why shouldn’t I? Doesn’t the end justify the means? If I don’t play along, I will be left alone. It is just a gift. I need not call it a commission! It is just a fetus, not a baby. I am in a dilemma. Which way is right? Issues at the beginning of life, end of life and the between. Issues internal and external. I am confused! Which way is right?

Let us discuss your dilemmas together and support each other even when others say “There is no alternative”. As His Children we need to be the ‘salt and light’, a voice in healthcare, ‘applying discipleship in healthcare’.

God Created
The Image of God
Basic Ethical Principles
Ethical Dilemmas

Bioethics Bulletin

The ‘Christian Bioethics Seminar’ is a one-day event where we discuss basic principles, case studies, and dilemmas.

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Doctor’s Daily Devotion

RSS Doctors Daily Devotion

Graduate Doctors’ Fellowship

You may have been part of an active Christian fellowship in your medical college days. Oh, how pleasant were those times! Now you fight a lonely battle. Are you looking for a group where you can find fellowship, a place to share the difficulties of ‘applying discipleship in healthcare?’

Look out for the nearest Graduate Doctor’s Fellowship and join us. If there are no fellowships in your area, let us walk with you in starting one right where you live.

For more details, contact or call us at 044-28361507.

Details of State-wise groups (To be updated)

Leadership Seminar

Tasks, deadlines, conferences, committees, finances, vision & mission, quality, infrastructure, graphs, budgets, government protocols, infighting, persecution…

“Have I made a mistake?”

“Is God punishing me?”

Spiritual Battles

Let us learn to be shepherds under the Great Shepherd.

The ‘Leadership Seminar’ is a one-day program helping us become leaders who make a difference.

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Making Marriage Beautiful

Pre-marriage seminars

For those who are planning to say “I do”. Before you commit to each other. Or preparing yourself for the future.


Leave and Cleave
Finding God’s Will
Covenant Relationship
Expect Surprises

Let us spend a weekend/day in finding the Lord’s will in preparing for marriage.

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Marriage Enrichment Seminars

Covenant… Love Languages… Intimacy Roles… Conflict Resolving

Situated on the scenic Mahabalipuram coast is the ‘Cornerstone’ Retreat Centre, with quaint cottages, swimming pool, and lush lawns. Here, many a couple has re-discovered the ever-increasing romance and joy of a marriage in the Lord.

We invite you to take a break from the treadmill of your busy routine to invest in this beautiful Lord-ordained relationship. Marriage Enrichment Seminars are held in other parts of the country as well.

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Parenting Seminar

Walking on eggshells… Your son is distant, closes himself up in his room, bent over his mobile. If there is any tabletalk, it is mostly monosyllables. Your daughter comes home late, she does poorly at studies. You can’t get your point across. You talk to her on WhatsApp.

Either you are in this scenario already or you dread the day you will be a parent in this scene.

Let us come together for a week to learn to be parents under His Lordship.


Mother Intensive-Father Intensive Years
Pitfalls of Parenting
Phases in Parenting
Essential Principles

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Saline Process

It’s a busy routine: OPD, wards, surgery, thesis work, night duties, the suffering patient, the harassed colleague, competing ideologies, rising fundamentalism, clashing worldviews. You bear in your heart the joy of salvation. You would like to share His love in word and deed, but can you?

The Saline Process is a one-day training program designed to equip and mobilize Christian healthcare workers as witnesses of the love and reality of Jesus in their place of work.

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Whole Person Care

Shanthi is cured of her pneumonia. She goes back home to an alcoholic husband. Her son has dropped out of school, and the house rent is overdue. She is a daily wage labourer, a Dalit facing oppression every day. She has a god she has to appease with a sacrifice. She thinks of death often and wonders what lies beyond. Was Shanthi really healed?

Join us for a weekend seminar on caring for the whole person, where we let the Lord show us what true healing is.

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