A Lament During the Time of the Pandemic

Dear brothers and sisters

Grace and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope you and your family members and all your near and dear ones are well and preserved in this difficult time. I also hope that the important work that you are involved in is going on amidst the limitations that have come upon us.

I am benumbed. For the last few weeks there has been this deep sadness at the ravages of this pandemic that has come upon our world. We never had a time like this where the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless are all involved in a universal suffering.

It is sad to see the nations that brought us the gospel suffer greatly. I was hoping poor Africa will be spared, but reports are coming in of steep rise in cases and rapid spread there. I was hoping we in India will be spared but it is not so. Both the developed and the developing … all of us….!

At this point I would just like to lament. I do not feel like asking why? Maybe I will later. But the magnitude of the problem just makes me to be quiet. I don’t feel like analysing the probable causeof this calamity. I don’t feel like giving easy solutions.

The world is bereaved! I can only mourn.

Oh Lord! Surely you are mighty and just!

We have read in the prophets

We had learnt from the apocalypse

But we took them lightly, we did not heed.

We thought it but a figure of speech

We thought it a long way off

But now it is upon us

We know now that you can allow

Something of this magnitude

We are perplexed and confused

We are burdened and heavy laden.

We dare not talk proud words

We look down and go quietly

All we can do

Is to wait for you

And to wait upon you

As we wait upon the sick

Oh! Are you not abundant in mercy?

Oh! You will not be angry forever

We will try to be better children Lord

Our Lord Jesus



Truly yours,

Samuel Sidhartha

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